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Anchor Bolts & Fasteners with ASTM A193 Specification

B&B Electro-Mechanical (BBEM) stocks a full line of ASTM A193-approved anchor bolts and other fasteners. Request a quote on ASTM A193 anchor bolts for your application, or contact us to learn more.

What is ASTM A193?

ASTM A193 is a specification from ASTM International that covers alloy steel and stainless steel bolts for pressure vessels, valve, flanges, and fittings. More specifically, ASTM A193 specs refer to the materials from which these bolts are made, which must meet precise chemical and mechanical criteria.
The specification covers several grades of material, including ferritic steels and austentic stainless steel alloys.
ASTM A193 and similar standards assist in the safe engineering of industrial processes and applications, to ensure they do not exceed the tensile strength of the fasteners used.

Request a ASTM A193 Fasteners Quote from B&B Electro-Mechanical

Request a quote today or contact BBEM for more information on our ASTM A193 anchor bolts and fasteners.
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