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Anchor Bolts & Fasteners with ASTM A307 Specification

B&B Electro-Mechanical (BBEM) maintains a huge inventory of ASTM A307-approved anchor bolts and fasteners. Request a quote on the ASTM A307 anchor bolts you need, or contact us for more information.

What is ASTM A307?

ASTM A307 is a specification from ASTM International for carbon steel bolts and studs between 1/4” and 4” in diameter. Anchor bolts specified by ASTM A307 are grouped into three “grades” based on tensile strength and intended use.
ASTM A307 Grade A anchor bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 60ksi, and are intended for “general” applications.
ASTM A307 Grade B anchor bolts have a tensile strength between 60ksi and 100ksi, and are intended for flanged joints in piping systems with cast iron flanges. These bolts have heavy hex-patterned heads.
ASTM A307 Grace C anchor bolts, also covered under ASTM F1554 [link to ASTM F1554 page] Gr. 36, are manufactured from low carbon steel with tensile strength up to 36ksi and are intended to anchor structural supports in concrete foundations.

Request A Quote on ASTM A307 Fasteners from BBEM

Request a quote or contact BBEM to learn more about our ASTM A307 anchor bolts and fasteners