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Anchor Bolts & Fasteners with ASTM A490 Specification

B&B Electro-Mechanical (BBEM) maintains a large inventory of ASTM A490-approved anchor bolts and fasteners. Request a quote on ASTM A490 anchor bolts for your project, or contact us to learn more.

What is ASTM A490?

ASTM A490 is a specification from ASTM International that applies to heavy hex bolts made from alloy steel. Requirements for this standard are essentially equivalent to ASTM A325 in regards to application and geometry; however, ASTM A490 fasteners are made to a higher strength.
Because ASTM A490 bolts are designed for use in structural applications, their threaded lengths are generally shorter, to avoid having threads within the joint itself. ASTM A490 fasteners are grouped into three connection types:
  • ASTM A490 Type SC for slip-critical connections
  • ASTM A490 Type N for bearing-type connections where threads are on the shear plane
  • ASTM A490 Type X for bearing-type connections where threads are not on the shear plane
As of 2016, ASTM A490 has largely been replaced by the ASTM F3125 [link to ASTM F3125 page] standard

Request a ASTM A490 Fasteners Quote from B&B Electro-Mechanical

Request a quote or contact BBEM for more information on our ASTM A490 anchor bolts and fasteners.
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