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Anchor Bolts & Fasteners with ASTM F3125 Specification

B&B Electro-Mechanical (BBEM) offers a wide variety of ASTM F3125-approved anchor bolts and other fasteners. Request a quote on ASTM F3125 anchor bolts for your application, or contact us for more information.

What is ASTM F3125?

ASTM F3125 is a specification from ASTM International that calls out chemical, mechanical, and physical standards for structural bolts made from steel and alloy steels. This specification covers high-strength bolts in sizes from 1/2” to 1-1/2” in diameter.
ASTM F3125 bolts are further divided into two strength grades, two styles (hex head bolts and twist-off bolts), and two types.
  • ASTM F3125 Grade 120ksi anchor bolts offer minimum tensile strength of 120ksi
  • ASTM F3125 Grade 150ksi bolts offer minimum tensile strength of 150ksi
Types are designated by material of construction: Type 1 covers 120ksi bolts manufactured from carbon, carbon boron, alloy, or alloy boron steel, as well as 150ksi bolts manufactured from alloy or alloy boron steel; Type 3 covers all ASTM F3125 anchor bolts manufactured from weathering steel.
As of 2016, ASTM F3125 has largely replaced ASTM A325 [link to ASTM A325 page] and ASTM A490 [link to ASTM A490 page] specifications. Bolts under the former ASTM F1852 and F2280 standards are now covered under ASTM F3125, as well.

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Request a quote or contact BBEM to learn more about our ASTM F3125 anchor bolts and fasteners.
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