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Custom Hardware Supplier

  • Custom Hardware
When you need a part that you can’t find anywhere else, turn to B&B Electro-Mechanical. We can take your design and turn it into a part that meets your needs exactly. Whether you need a custom keep nut, carriage bolt, taptite screw or any other type of part, B&B Electro-Mechanical can have it manufactured. Our engineers can help you with every stage of product development, including:  


  • Prototype development
  • Design correction
  • Sample runs
  • Production


B&B Electro-Mechanical: Your Source for Custom Machined Parts

When choosing a supplier who can create the custom fasteners you need, experience and technological capability are just minimum requirements. In addition to state-of-the-art expertise, B&B Electro-Mechanical offers:


  • Traceability: What is the most significant advantage that B&B Electro-Mechanical offers that the competition doesn’t? We can sum it up in one word: traceability. We meticulously bar code every shipment we receive, which guarantees that every item we sell is 100% traceable.
  • Service Guarantee: The quality of the parts we sell is a staggering 99.9%, and our service is just as good; our shipments arrive on time, and within very quick turnaround times.
  • Woman-Owned Business: Customers who need to satisfy federal acquisition requirements need look no further than B&B Electro-Mechanical. Since 2007, our business has been certified as woman-owned.


Traceability matters. Knowing exactly where parts come from prevents problems down the line. B&B Electro-Mechanical offers 100% traceability.

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If you need custom hardware, contact B&B Electro-Mechanical to learn more about how our engineers can turn your design into a reality.