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Graded Bolts

Larger-size bolts, as well as those used for specialized applications, are manufactured to meet certain strength requirements. Inch-measure graded bolts are generally given ASTM ratings, while metric graded bolts are specified by property class (usually just “class”). A graded bolt’s rating or class can be determined by noting the special markings on its head.

B&B Electro-Mechanical (BBEM) offers a large selection of graded bolts in the sizes/lengths you need. Request a quote today, or contact us for more information.

For safety and reliability, graded bolts should only be replaced with bolts with the same or higher grade (i.e., don’t replace a Grade 8 bolt with a Grade 5 bolt). If you’re not sure what grade/class bolt you need, feel free to contact BBEM for assistance.

ASTM-Approved Graded Bolts

We stock graded bolts and other structural bolts for a range of ASTM specifications, including:

  • ASTM A193
  • ASTM A307
  • ASTM A320
  • ASTM A325
  • ASTM A354
  • ASTM A449
  • ASTM A490
  • ASTM F593
  • ASTM F1554
  • ASTM F3125
  • and more

Request A Quote for Graded Bolts from BBEM

B&B Electro-Mechanical is your #1 resource for graded bolts. Request a quote or contact us for graded bolts for your project.

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