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Military Standard Hardware & Fasteners

At B&B Electro-Mechanical, Military Standard hardware contractors find what they need – and receive it fast. You won’t find parts as good as ours anywhere else – we’ve achieved a quality level of 99.9%.

Reasons to Make B&B Electro-Mechanical Your MS Fastener Supplier

With so many suppliers of MS hardware in the world, it can be difficult to decide which one you should partner with. There are three solid reasons why B&B Electro-Mechanical should be your military hardware source. They are as follows:
  • Woman-Owned Business: B&B Electro-Mechanical has been a woman-owned distributor of MS hardware since 2007. Military contractors who are looking to satisfy federal acquisition regulations can do so by purchasing parts from B&B Electro-Mechanical.
  • Service Guarantee: Customer service is extremely important to us. We work hard to ensure that our customers receive their deliveries quickly. We take the burden of managing inventory off your shoulders. By choosing Vendor Managed Inventory, you can make worrying about running out of stock a thing of the past. Additionally, we can send you shipments according to your particular needs. For example, you can order a total of 300,000 pieces and have 50,000 delivered to you every six months. It doesn’t matter how or when you want to receive your MS hardware – we’re here to serve you.
  • Traceability: Traceability is extremely important, especially for contractors who have to answer to the United States Military. Using sophisticated bar-coding and tracking methods, we ensure that every item we sell is 100% traceable.


Why traceability matters: When you don’t know exactly where parts come from, you run the risk of completing the manufacturing process and then discovering that the product is a failure thanks to substandard parts. The costs of such a failure are astronomical. A supplier that places great emphasis on traceability helps you save time and money by ensuring that you have the right parts from the start. Nowhere is traceability more important than in the defense industry. For reliable MS hardware, look for a supplier that demonstrates a commitment to traceability.

Custom MS Hardware

If the hardware in our catalog doesn’t quite match your needs, B&B Electro-Mechanical can have the part manufactured custom MS fasteners through pur manufacturer partners. Using precision manufacturing methods like CNC milling and turning, we can have the parts created that meet your requirements, every time.

Tell Us What MS Hardware You Need

Let us know the part number and quantity of the MS fasteners you need and we’ll respond with a quote ASAP. 


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