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Service of our customers is the key to making our business work to the next level. With our V.M.I. sytems we can take on the 2 and 3 year blank contacts and insure 100% traceabliity on every item we ship out. By using our state of the art barcoding and scanning systems we can always locate your inventory from our warehouse floor to our bar-coded bin locations. Whether you’re buying 5pcs or 500,000 we treat every order the same.
B&B Electro-Mechanical believes that our name is on the outside of every box we ship because we take pride in the parts we put inside!!! Our VMI makes our inventory yours without tying up your floor space.

Vendor Managed Inventory means never running out of stock. Let us handle your hardware inventory. We’ll make sure you’ll always have the parts you need. VMI frees you to focus on other things – like making sure your projects are completed on time and on point.
  Vendor Management Inventory
At B&B Electro-Mechanical, we offer VMI according to your needs. We’ll send you the quantity of parts you need when you need them. To learn more about our VMI services, contact B&B Electro-Mechanical today.